About Us

Furniture that adds color to our lives and is an indispensable item is also important for our health and comfort. So we look for a few important points when choosing our furniture. These are the quality, durability, ergonomic structure, aesthetic value and suitability of the furniture. Of course, it is difficult to see all of these features together.


As Biçer Kardeşler Mobilya, we have brought all of these features together since 1976 and we have started to provide retail services under the Mia Home Furniture brand by realizing the most appropriate and appropriate productions for you. Biçer Kardesler Furniture, which adds sincerity to your home with the furniture it produces, makes a difference in furniture with its unique designs, production materials that emphasize hygienic and human health and economic options.


The secret of the sincerity that Mia Home Furniture brings to your home! This craftsmanship that transforms furniture into art will be indispensable in your home. It has further increased its activities with ISO 9011-2008 quality system and TSE quality standards.

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