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Due to the attention shown to the furniture we produce, our  company has a strong dealership network in Turkey and is very successful in its foreign investments and export markets and continues to add value to the national economy.

All of our products that we have obtained using first class materials are prepared with 80 percent handmade  and transformed the furniture into a work of art.

Furniture production, which we realize with a team of experts, is developing every day by a team of experts and marketing activities. Our models are updated according to today’s design and comfort with all the details of Classic, Avant-garde and Modern style. As Mia Home Furniture, we cater to all tastes, and we combine the price and quality at the right point.

We produce the products we designed for you with the inspirations we receive from you. We take your ideas at every stage of the production of solid and durable furniture that you will live together for many years.

The special designs that are obtained as a result of manual labor and long efforts are like a rare work of art produced only for you. We give life to the designs that will reflect you and your imagination will be happy to be get it . All our motifs and patterns are shaped by long efforts and sweat from the hands of our carving craftsmen. The engravers, which make the pentures on the wood, process the wood like a lace.


Not only the living and working areas, but also the hotels, hospitals, restaurants, villas, waterfront projects, meticulous work we have been our biggest reference. Hundreds of projects in the elite recidancers built in big cities have brought even 1 + 1 apartments to our customers. In our projects both at home and abroad, our biggest gain is the satisfaction and smile on the faces of our customers to whom we deliver the key.

Although our main activity is furniture production, we serve our customers in all of the decoration. Give us your home key , and you will encounter a palace when you come from your holiday without having to deal with the complexity and fatigue of decoration and construction. From kitchen to bathroom, from wallpaper to curtains, from carpets to home textiles, you will enter a perfect living space by just opening the door.


Every project is caring our signature and every product entered into your homes is our showcase. we have devoted the budget and energy to the satisfaction of our customers, which should be devoted to classic advertising and promotional activities. Because we know that the best advertising is the reference of the customer who is satisfied with the product and service he purchases. We’ve been like this for years. We have not seen any material value above the satisfaction of our customer. Our biggest energy is the satisfaction and endless trust of our customers.

Our mission does not end with designing, producing and delivering the products of our customers’ dreams in the best way. Our main mission begins after the sale of products. Over the years, we provide unrestricted and unconditional support for products after sales.

Masko Furniture City, which is open 365 days a year, 20 / B in our 1350 square meter showroom in the block you can not find other models are happy to welcome you with many models.

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